Imagine if you could save money for your future without really noticing. Yes, automated savings while spending is possible. Sign up in under 5 minutes and join SaveFactor!

SaveFactor is a banking app that lets the users save money automatically. It puts a percentage of your spendings in your digital piggy bank (SaveFactor) autonomously. The more you spend, the more you save.

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About SaveFactor

SaveFactor is a mobile app (Android/iOS) that provides consumers with a digital money box tool that saves money automatically.

SaveFactor offers a unique solution to overcome the mental barrier; "I just can't save money from my income". With the new millennial savings strategy, SaveFactor connects connects user's account through open APIs of respective financial institutions (keeping the security at highest level) and saves money using artificial intelligence based on users's goals and requirements.

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SaveFActor is available for Android and iOS. You can also use the web app to start saving

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You can set and dedicate a percentage of your spendings to your savings

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The last step is to connect your bank with SaveFactor to begin savings



SaveFactor is a tech revolution that has reinvented the methods to save money smartly, unknowingly, automatically. SaveFactor provides smart features through its unique and efficient algorithems with the help of eye-catching user interface. Here are some of screens of the app that shows saving mone is very easy these days.

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SaveFactor is getting popular day by day and has been adopted by a large number of people. We are still working hard to introduce more pro features to simplify the life of people. Stay connected for all latest updates.

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Game changing app, unique of its type, next generation digital money box, SaveFactor, has been helping people to save money for their future goals. Want to learn more about SaveFactor? Play the video!


Saving money while spending made easier, efficient and productive. Our efficient servers and 24/7 team of experts deliver breakthrough performance that grows with you. Select a pricing plan that best suits you and enter the digital world!

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  • Max Savings Limit: 100€/month
  • Minimum withdrwawal Threshold: 30€
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  • Daily withdrawal
  • Auto Money Savings
  • Auto Spending Tracking
  • Unlimitted Savings
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  • Daily withdrawal
  • Auto Money Savings
  • Auto Spending Tracking
  • Unlimitted Savings
  • Minimum withdrwawal Threshold: 30€
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It is very important to monitor the audience response towards any development/technology/innovation. SaveFactor has successfully achieved great feedback and user attraction towards its unique and smart features, but still we are growing into a giant family, connecting with all those who are worried about how to save money. Please support us, and share with all those who this type of technological solution.

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Here are answers to our most common questions. If you do not find your answer, please use our contact us form or the chat button at the right bottom.

  • Why savefactor is so awesome?
    SaveFactor is next generation digital money box service that allows users to save money while spending. It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep. If you wish to get rich, save what you get. But, saving money intentionally is really hard. SaveFactor do the hard thing for you automatically without bothering you for your better future.
  • How does savefactor work?
    SaveFactor is equipped with artificial intelligence algorithems and highly secured payment gateways that connect us to 3000+ banks in 60+ countries. SaveFactor connects with your bank, and tracks the amount you spend daily. Based on that tracking, it put a percentage of your spendings aside in your SaveFactor savings account automatically.
  • How do I know if SaveFactor is taking out the right money?
    We believe in transperency. SaveFactor provides detailed transaction history to monitor all transactions made to and from the savefactor account in real time. Moreover, it provides trends of your spendings, savings and incomings to let you know how your day/week/month/year went.
  • What is the function of goal tracking?
    Another important feature of SaveFactor is goal tracking. You can setup multiple goals, can dedicate a particular part of your savings to each goal using priority, or can distribute savings to all goals equally. You can lock your savings untill you complete the goal and gether all money required by the goal.
  • What is the security that my card/bank information is secured?
    SaveFactor is a registered company and has passed all cyber-security certifications. Moreover, we use 256-bit TLS encryption to ensure high level security. Your information is safe with us.

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